Guidelines and Availability

Guidelines for Patients Ordering Tests

Patients must review and understand these guidelines prior to submitting their order below. Physicians may order our tests and collection kits below or by contacting us directly.

Fry Laboratories, LLC allows for eligible patients to self-order selected tests directly according to the applicable laws (see State / Location Availability below). This self-ordering process is called Direct Access Testing.

Pursuant to ARS 36-468, it is the responsibility of the person who was tested to arrange with the person’s health care provider for consultation and interpretation of the test results.

Therefore, Fry Laboratories cannot diagnose, interpret, treat, or guide patients that self-order tests, as this is the role of an authorized healthcare provider. Patients with test results should contact their healthcare provider for assistance in evaluating any test result.

In short, Fry Laboratories cannot interpret test results for patients, even if the tests were ordered via Direct Access Testing (DAT). 

Other important guidelines: 

  • Patients with Medicare cannot Self-Order tests

  • Patients may only order tests if they live in and have the sample drawn in an authorized state or location.

  • Samples may not be submitted for DAT if the patient lives within the state of New York or if the sample was collected within the state of New York.

General Ordering and Collection Process

  1. Verify patient is eligible for testing. 

  2. Pay for testing

  3. Sample Collection Kit arrives in 1-4 business days

  4. Collect sample(s) per instructions. For example, a patient may utilize a phlebotomy service to collect blood or serum for submission. 

  5. Package samples properly per instructions. 

  6. Mail the sample(s) back with provided packaging and shipping label.

When ordering, please specify the correct sample type you are submitting for testing. We will send you the appropriate collection kit for the specified sample type. If you are unsure of what sample type to select, you must contact us before ordering.