Rapid Infectious Disease Identification

What is RIDI™?

At Fry Laboratories, LLC, we have combined our own sophisticated bioinformatics data analysis software and our proprietary library preparation chemistry for Next Generation DNA sequencing to form the Rapid Infectious Disease Identification (RIDI™) system. This system detects and identifies organisms in clinical samples by sequencing DNA isolated directly from patient samples and running it through our analysis software. RIDI™ analyzes each individual sequence read by comparing it to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) databases of all known organisms and finds the best match. Each sequence read must pass quality control criteria to ensure reliable results. We also have additional thresholding values to make sure the results are consistent with actual organisms rather than environmental or background detection events. The RIDI™ system compiles these identification results into a clinical report that is easy for physicians to read and understand.

Order Kits

Patients can order test kits by completing the kit order form. Physicians contact us directly for kits.