Forms & Kits

Use our downloadable forms below to conveniently order forms and kits.

Instructions for Ordering Our Tests

The general process for ordering is as follows:

  1. Find an ordering physician.
  2. Request a Test Kit to be mailed to either the patient or the ordering physician:
    1. Please note that there is a $15.00 fee for Test Kits mailed to patients.
    2. Test Kits are free if mailed directly to the ordering physician’s office.
  3. For patients ordering kits, please use the ‘Kit Ordering Form‘ and for physicians ordering kits, please email, fax, or call our lab at 866.927.8075 to request a kit to be mailed to your office.
  4. Once the kit order is placed, you will receive the kit in the mail. The kit includes everything you will need to send your blood specimen back to our lab.
  5. Take the kit to your physician’s office to get your blood drawn. Blood may also be drawn at blood draw stations such as LabCorp and Sonora Quest with a physician’s order.
  6. The draw station may mail the sample for you. If not mail the sample to us with your specimen and your Test Order Form/Requisition Form. (Instructions for doing this will come in the mail with your kit)
  7. We process the bloodwork for the ordered tests.
  8. We email, mail or fax results directly to the ordering physician according to their preference. Due to laboratory regulations results cannot be released directly to patients.
  9. For non-insurance processed tests, you receive a receipt in the mail within several weeks of processing your tests.*

*Some of our tests require that services are paid up front and that it may be a financial burden. We do our best to process payments and mail receipts as soon as is possible to assist in the submission of claims for reimbursement. Receipts are mailed in periodic batches. If there is a special circumstance in which a receipt is needed immediately, please contact our Billing Office directly at 480.292.8457.

Kit Ordering

Kits will be free of charge if the order is from a physician’s office. Please note that our tests can only be ordered by a physician and kits may be sent to to be sent to his or her office for free of charge. If the kit is going directly to a patient, the cost of a kit is $15.00 (includes shipping). Payment for kits must be received before we will process your kit request. See the link to the right to download the form and the instructions.

  • Faxed Orders: We accept major credit cards for faxed orders. There is a place to enter your credit card information on the ‘Kit Ordering Form.’ Before faxing, ensure that your ordering form is complete to avoid shipping delays. Please fax to 480-656-4932.
  • Mailed Orders: We accept Checks by mail in addition to all major credit cards. You can mail your kit order to:
    Fry Laboratories, L.L.C.
    15720 N. Greenway Hayden Loop Suite 3
    Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Test Orders

When receiving your kit, you should receive instructions, as well as our Requisition Form(s). Take both the kit and the Requisition Form(s) to your healthcare provider to get your blood drawn or sample obtained. Your healthcare provider will select and order the required/requested tests. Make sure that your Requisition Form(s) is/are complete with your information before mailing it back to us along with your specimen. Healthcare providers may refer you to an off site blood draw facility. Some third party draw sites will charge a small sample collection fee.

Important Note: Patients cannot order their own tests. Test must be ordered by an authorized healthcare professional/provider and the responsible provider must sign the Test Order Form/Requisition Form. Also, please do not attempt to make your own slides.

International Orders

International Orders – Please use the International Requisition above and call our toll free # 866.927.8075 for a kit.

Order Kits

Patients and physicians can order test kits by completing the kit order form.